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Call origination from selected markets, both fixed and mobile voice services to international destinations. Quick Line Telecom has exclusive access to origination minutes stemming from both our retail customers and through our partnerships with regional and national telephone operators. Our origination customers are supported by our fully staffed call center providing account and technical support 24/7.


As a focused regional operator, Quick Line Telecom can guarantee reliable and pure white routes. Quick Line Telecom offers attractive unilateral and bilateral agreement terms allowing our partners to take advantage of the direct access to millions of retail customers worldwide. Our Carrier Relations department is located in Sweden and the USA. All legal relationships and contracts are managed by our Sweden entity, allowing our customers multiple commercial options. Technical support centers provide 24/7 support to our interconnect customers.

Hubbing : Service Global Network

In addition to focused or direct routes, Quick Line Telecom is able to offer reliable hubs routes through interconnections to local operators worldwide.

Main POP
Capacity:20,000 Voice ports - 100 Gbps Data Facility

  • Primary IP Network Hub facility
  • Primary redundant switching facility
  • Primary Retail/wholesale processing
  • Primary Application Servers
  • Primary Layer 1 and Layer 2 Database Hosting
  • Primary E-Commerce System
  • Primary MaaxGate Billing
  • Primary MaaxGate Node 1 Distribution
  • Primary IP Network Core Routing
  • Third Party Collocation Services
  • MCI/Verizon
  • Qwest/Century Link
  • ICG/Telepacific
  • Global Crossing / Level 3
  • IDT
  • UUNET IP Back bone
  • Qwest fiber backbone
  • Qwest MPLS
  • Global Crossing IP Backbone

Quick Line Telecom

Connecting people all around the world

Your Quality Access to the World

Quick Line Telecom is a privately held telecommunications company based in Sweden. We provide both facilities and cloud-based services to telecommunications operators worldwide. Quick Line Telecom employs the latest in switching and routing architecture allowing for exceptional quality while maintaining overall efficiency and value. We understand the value of strong partnerships. Our mission at Quick Line Telecom is to provide our partners with the best possible experience by combining our financial strength, technology and commercial experience. We invite you to explore the programs we offer and how they will meet your objectives. We believe in people and we are proud of our team. We have the experience to understand market directions and opportunities, we are responsive, and above all else, we are trustworthy. We invite you to get to know us.

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